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Survey and Reporting Requirements

As a condition of their BOS grant, institutions agree to distribute a Scholarship Recipient Survey — provided by the Daniels Fund — to all students selected for this scholarship. Students must complete and submit the survey before any BOS funds can be distributed to them at the beginning of each school year.

Schools are required to submit a Final Report, due by June 1, that will provide the Daniels Fund with information about BOS scholarship recipients, as well as an assessment of success meeting the objectives for the program.

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship Grant Application Guide

Please follow the steps below to apply:
  1. Click here for instructions on accessing our Grants Portal and the application
  2. Click the button below to proceed to the application
Use the above links to navigate within the online BOS Grant Application Guide. Navigation menu at the top of the page will take you out of the Application Guide and into the Daniels Fund website.