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College scholarships for highly motivated students through two distinct programs

Deciding on a college?

Ask these questions first

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College Choice

Whether or not you are selected for the Daniels Scholarship Program, your final college choice should be made after thorough consideration. You and your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) should think about the following considerations before making this important decision.


  • Does the school offer the major you are most interested in studying?
  • Does the school offer one or two alternative majors that interest you in case you change your major?
  • What type of academic and career advising does the school provide?
  • Do you know the difference between the core/general education requirements and the requirements for your major in order to graduate?


  • Does the school's financial aid award offer sufficient financial support?
  • Given your Expected Family Contribution and the cost of your college choice, will you be able to afford the costs?
  • Would you be able to attend and afford this school if you are not ultimately selected as a Daniels Scholar?


  • Is the school located in an area that provides access to various modes of public transportation?
  • Does the campus and surrounding community offer sufficient employment opportunities for students?
  • Does the campus or surrounding community offer access to the organizations or establishments (such as a place of worship) that may be important to your success?
  • Does the campus offer housing options during holiday breaks or summer vacation?
  • Does the school offer health insurance?

Thank you for your interest in the Daniels Scholarship Program. We wish you every success as you pursue the goal of a college education.