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Honoring Bill Daniels' direction to make life better for the people
and communities of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Daniels Fund Board of Directors

Daniels Fund Board photo
Santa Fe, New Mexico | August 2023

The Daniels Fund is governed by a diverse and dedicated Board of Directors, all of whom take their jobs as caretakers of Bill Daniels’ legacy very seriously. Each of their life and work journeys have been vastly different, yet common values and a commitment to Bill’s vision of making a difference unite them.

Some of our board members came from humble beginnings, like Bill did. Many recall parents who instilled in them values such as discipline, education, community, and hard work. Every one of them learned the value of work at a young age, as all were working well before age 18.

All of our board members had the opportunity to earn college degrees. Some paid their own way through school, while others received scholarships or family support. One member was the first in his family to go to college. Although Bill Daniels never received a four-year college degree, he believed firmly in the value of education, and our board shares that belief.

Some board members served in the military, in different branches, and in stations around the world. They understand what it means to serve one’s country and why Bill’s military career meant so much to him.

Some have dedicated their lives to public service, serving in roles including attorney general, mayor, education secretary, senator, congressman, secretary of veterans affairs, university president, and ambassador. They recognize Bill’s passion for civic and community engagement.

Some board members are entrepreneurs who have built businesses, created jobs, taken chances, and grown stronger from their failures. They feel Bill’s same passion for innovation, risk-taking, and persistence.

Many on our board knew and/or worked with Bill Daniels, including a few who called him a friend or colleague for more than 20 years. Their direct and personal insight into Bill’s life, values, actions, and beliefs help us all in keeping our founder’s intent at the forefront as we continue his legacy of generosity.

Ultimately, the board’s varied experiences and backgrounds contribute greatly to their effectiveness and thoughtfulness as stewards of the foundation, and we are truly grateful for their service.