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in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming


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Daniels Fund Grants Progam


The Daniels Fund provides grants to support highly effective nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through the Daniels Fund Grants Program.

Bill Daniels helped a tremendous number of people during his lifetime, and continues to do so in extraordinary ways through the foundation he established. The Daniels Fund honors Bill's direction, and carries forward his legacy of generosity.

Our funding areas and the specific geographic regions we serve were personally defined by Bill Daniels. We focus on supporting programs and organizations that uphold the highest ethical standards and engage in quality work to achieve significant results in the community. Following Bill's personal style, we strive to be compassionate, approachable, and responsive.

The Daniels Fund provides grants to highly effective nonprofit organizations offering programs and services that fit within our eight grant funding areas.

These funding areas were established by our founder and they do not change:

Funding Areas


We would love to visit with you

The Daniels Fund grants team spends time visiting the communities we serve to get to know area nonprofits, learn about effective programs and projects, and understand how needs vary from place to place.

We are always looking for opportunities to support excellent programs that align with our funding priorities. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our state-specific grantmaking approach

The Daniels Fund's individual grantmaking strategies and objectives for Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming have been tailored to address each state's specific needs.

Click the state images below for additional information about our grantmaking strategy and application process for each state.

National Grant Funding

The Daniels Fund supports select programs with a nationwide focus by invitation only. We do not provide funding for regional, local, or community-based programs outside of our four-state region.

If you have questions about the Daniels Fund Grants Program, please email [email protected].