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eBay Fires High-Level Employees for Cyberstalking and Harassment

In a case that sounds too bizarre to believe, eBay has fired some of its top-level employees for extreme cases of cyberstalking and harassment. Those fired include the Senior Manager of Special Operations for Global Security, Manager of the Global Intelligence Center, Intelligence Analyst at the Global Intelligence Center, Senior Director of Safety and Security, and Director of Global Resiliency. These and other eBay employees targeted a couple who maintained an online newsletter covering e-commerce companies. They specifically held the couple accountable for colluding with the writers of an August 2019 story covering a lawsuit that eBay filed accusing Amazon of 'poaching its online sellers.'

The eBay employees involved in the harassment sent threatening communications to the couple through social media. They also published the couple's home address and sent very disturbing materials to the couple's home including: live spiders and cockroaches, a pig fetus, funeral wreaths, and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse. Several of the defendants admitted to having a plan to break into the couple's home and place a GPS tracking device on their car.

The couple was able to identify one of the members of this group and shared that information with authorities who identified the group as eBay employees and contacted eBay. As eBay engaged in an internal investigation, cooperating with authorities, some members of the group began to delete evidence and lied to local police investigators. The actions of eBay upon learning of the alleged misconduct were appropriate and swift. The company cooperated with local investigators and, upon the completion of the investigation, the employees involved were terminated. A court hearing will occur next month.

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