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Honoring Bill Daniels' direction to make life better for the people
and communities of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Kalee keeps her eye on the prize

State: Colorado

Kalee Shields was 18 when she applied for the Daniels Scholarship. She didn’t know much about it, but she did know it was a great opportunity. She soon learned about the type of leader Bill Daniels wanted to help create with his foundation. That inspired her to set bigger goals for herself.

Kalee didn’t finish her degree at the University of Denver as she planned. Her life took many turns: a marriage, two kids, three moves. The Daniels Fund helped her continue her education, and she graduated with an educational studies degree from Arizona State University. Through it all, Kalee says, “the Daniels Fund allowed me the financial means to obtain my degree. Josh Hause, my Scholar Relations Officer, was one of my biggest cheerleaders. Bill Daniels created a legacy of leadership, giving back, good character, and strength. I believe I have been given a true opportunity to build and show leadership, and give back to my small-town community that doesn’t have many resources.”

“Being a Daniels Scholar is more than receiving money to go to college. It’s using that money to set goals and strive for them, even if life takes a different course. Not every person is going to have the same success story. Bill wanted to help people build a life of success and good character.”