College scholarships for young people of exceptional character
and non-traditional students through two distinct programs

Scholarship Staff

For general information:
Daniels Scholarship Program overview
303.393.7220 | 877.791.4726 Toll Free
Bill Fowler
Senior Vice President
Scholarship Program
P: 303.393.7220
F: 720.941.4201
Employer & Scholar Alumni Relations
Rebecca Klasson
Employer & Scholar Alumni Relations Officer
P: 303.393.7220
F: 720.941.4226
Scholar Relations
Tracey Lovett
Vice President, Scholar Relations
P: 720.941.4431
F: 720.941.4189
Camila Lara
Senior Scholar Relations Officer
P: 720.941.4436
F: 720.941.4199
Stephanie Sabga
Senior Scholar Relations Officer
P: 720.941.4493
F: 720.941.4221
Josh Hause
Scholar Relations Officer
P: 720.941.4426
F: 720.941.4192
Todd Lewton
Scholar Relations Officer
P: 720.941.4471
F: 720.941.4224
Michael Savage
Scholar Relations Officer
P: 720.941.4433
F: 720.941.4196
Scholar Selection
Laura Steffen
Vice President
Scholar Recruitment & Selection
P: 303.393.7220
F: 720.941.4209
Luke Carleo
Community Outreach & Senior Scholar Relations Officer
P: 720.941.4477
F: 720.941.4231
Scholarship Program Administration
Katie Ferguson
Scholar Selection Coordinator & Data Manager
P: 303.393.7220
F: 720.941.4213
Mary Haynes
Boundless Opportunity Scholarship Relations Manager
P: 720.941.4437
F: 720.941.4195
Chelsea Smith
Scholarship Administration Assistant
P: 720.941.4438
F: 720.941.4225