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2011-2012 Daniels Scholarship Application Process

The 2013 Daniels Scholarship application will open soon! Make sure to check back periodically for more information.

Is the Daniels Scholarship Right for You?

In establishing the Daniels Scholarship, Bill Daniels wanted to find outstanding young people from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming who possess tremendous strength of character, the passion to succeed, a willingness to work hard, and a commitment to actively engage in their communities. The Daniels Fund awards hundreds of scholarships each year to promising students across Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The Daniels Scholarship Program is both exciting and challenging, and we encourage you to consider if a Daniels Scholarship might be right for you.

Information on the 2012-2013 Daniels Scholarship Application
Information for Students Information for Recommenders


Information for Students: Take a Chance on Yourself!

Applications are now being accepted for Daniels Scholarships to be awarded in spring 2013. The application process takes work, but if you are a high school senior in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming who demonstrates the qualities identified by Bill Daniels for the program, why not take a chance on yourself and apply? 


The application deadline is November 29, 2012. Please review the information below for more information on how to determine your eligibility for the Daniels Scholarship.


Daniels Scholarship Overview

Printable version: Daniels Scholarship Student Guide

Who Can Apply?

What is Financial Need?

Determining Financial Eligibility

College Board EFC Calculator




 Once you have determined you are elibible for the Daniels Scholarship, additional information on how to apply may be found at: How to Apply for the Daniels Scholarship

Daniels Scholarship Overview

Bill Daniels directed the Daniels Scholarship program to seek out promising students who demonstrate strength of character, academic performance or promise, leadership potential, a well-rounded personality, and potential to contribute to one’s community.

Starting with the 2012-2013 academic year, the Daniels Scholarship will have an “open application process”. This approach will provide greater access to students interested in applying for the Daniels Scholarship. This will also allow students to initiate the scholarship application themselves, and will streamline the process to make it easier for students to complete and submit their applications.

Daniels Scholarships are not full-ride. Instead they cover the unmet needs of the student. The scholarship amount is determined after all other financial aid resources and an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) have been applied. Amounts are different for each student and can change from year to year.

Who can apply for the Daniels Scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for a Daniels Scholarship, students must satisfy all of the following:


For more information, please see the Printable Student Guide at:

 Daniels Scholarship Student Guide

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What is Financial Need?

The Daniels Scholarship is a supplemental/last dollar scholarship. As such, the Daniels Fund works in partnership with Daniels Scholars, their families, higher education institutions, and federal and state financial aid resources to help financially support students to achieve a four-year college degree.

One of the primary eligibility criteria for the Daniels Scholarship is financial need. The Daniels Fund determines financial need by evaluating a number of factors, including the applicant family’s income, assets and family size. However, the most important factor used to determine an applicant’s financial need is his or her family’s ability to pay toward the costs of college. This ability, often referred to as the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), is calculated and determined for the Daniels Fund by College Board.

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Determining Your Financial Eligibility

In general, a family of four, with one child in college, and a family income of up to $50,000 has a reasonable chance to be financially eligible for the Daniels Scholarship. Conversely, a family earning more than $75,000 is probably not financially eligible. While these are general rules, the Daniels Fund evaluates all applicants on an individual basis

The Daniels Fund uses a College Board tool to determine an applicant’s financial eligibility for the Daniels Scholarship. In general, a family with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) between $0 and $6,000 is likely to be financially eligible for the Daniels Scholarship. However, the Daniels Fund reserves the right to examine a number of factors in making the final determination of an applicant’s financial eligibility. The Daniels Scholarship Program reviews its threshold for financial eligibility on an annual basis.

The College Board EFC Calculator

The College Board offers a calculator to assist families in determining their Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Before applicants begin their Daniels Scholarship application, it is highly recommended that they, along with their parents, visit the website below to gain insight into their family’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and likelihood of eligibility for the Daniels Scholarship.

Tips for using the College Board EFC Calculator:

Should you need further guidance regarding financial eligibility for the Daniels Scholarship Program, please contact the Daniels Fund.



Information for High Schools and Youth Serving Organizations

High Schools and Youth-Serving Organizations are the critical link to finding promising young students for the Daniels Scholarship. Partnering with high schools and youth-serving organizations enables the Daniels Fund to reach students across Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The Daniels Fund believes these partners are ideally positioned to identify students who exemplify the traits of a Daniels Scholar. The following information is available to high schools and youth-serving organizations to assist in the applciation process.

Please note the following changes in the selection process:






Resources for Recommenders

 What is a Recommender?

How will I recuve my login and password information? 

How do I change my User ID or passoword?

How do I submit a recommendation for an applicant?
Waht makes a complete application?
What if I need to complete a recommendatio for more that one student?
Submitting Your Recommendation



What is a recommender?

An individual that the applicant has identified to complete an online recommendation who can provide candid, detailed responses based on the scholarship eligibility and selection criteria. Each student applicant must have two recommenders.

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How will I receive my login and password information to go online and work on a recommendation?

As a recommender, you will receive an e-mail with login instructions immediately after the student has entered your e-mail address in their application, as their desired recommender. The applicant is responsible for entering your correct e-mail address. The e-mail message will provide you with a special link to a registration page.  Once registered, you will be given access to complete an applicant's recommendation online.

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How do I change my User ID or password?

Your username ID is a unique identifier that was created when your applicant added you as a recommender, and it cannot be changed.  If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click on Forgot Password?.  Enter your user ID (which is your e-mail address) and click submit.  You will be redirected to a password retrieval page. 

An e-mail will be sent to you with a verification code.  Copy and paste the code into the Verification Code field on the Password Retrieval page. Click submit. You will be redirected to the Password Reset page. Enter your new password in both the Password and Confirmation Password fields and click submit.

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How do I submit a recommendation for an applicant?

  1. If you have not done so already, make sure you have clicked the link in the email instructions sent to you by your applicant. This link will associate your applicant's application with your recommendation.
  2. Login to the system using your username (which is your email address) and password.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Select the student for whom you would like to complete a recommendation from the left hand side of the screen and follow the instructions for completing a recommendation. Certify it is complete and click Submit.
  4. You will know your job is done when you see the student’s recommendation status change to “Submitted” and you have been redirected to the Status tab.  
  5. You may have multiple student applicants to recommend. You may continue to the next recommendation by simply clicking the name of your next student applicant.

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What makes a complete application?

Applications will be incomplete if any of the components are missing by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not move on in the scholarship selection process.

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What if I need to complete a recommendation for more than one student?

Our goal is to have one User ID per unique user. Your User ID is established the first time any student enters your unique e-mail address. If additional students enter your e-mail address, and it already exists in the system, you will be automatically linked to each student applicant. You will receive e-mails regarding each student who selected you as a recommender. Your User ID, however, will remain the same in each subsequent message. Once logged in, you will see a list of all of the applicants who have listed you as their recommender.

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How will a student know the status of their application?

Applicants will be able view the status of their application and recommendations through the Daniels Fund application Status tab.

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What happens after the scholarship application deadline?

Applicants will be notified of their status by the end of January. Students who become semifinalists must provide the following documents by February 22, 2013 and we ask that you assist in this process if necessary:

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Where can the Daniels Scholarship be used?

Daniels Scholarships may be used at any two- or four-year not-for-profit accredited college or university in the United States. Students must intend to complete a bachelor's degree. If students start at a two-year college, they must be pursuing an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree with an intended path to earn a bachelor’s degree. Daniels Scholarships may not be used at technical or trade schools or for participation in certificate programs. If students have questions, they may contact the Daniels Fund for clarification. 

The Daniels Fund strongly encourages students to apply to college by the end of December 2012. Please note that the Daniels Scholarship can only be used at one of the schools listed in the student's Daniels Scholarship application. In other words, students may not apply to a new school once they are awarded a Daniels Scholarship.

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How do I know the status of my recommendation?

Login to your application, click on the Status tab. There you will be able to view the status of your application, and your recommendations. Your application will have one of the following statuses:
Recommendation Statuses


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Submitting Your recommendation

You will be able to work on your recommendation from September 17, 2012 to November 29, 2012, 4:00pm.  While you are not required to complete a recommendation all at once, you will only be able to submit the recommendation once all required questions have been answered. When you are ready, and all answers have been filled out, click the Submit button.  Please note, clicking the Submit button is the final step in completing your recommendation.

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Editing a Submitted Recommendation

The need may arise for you to edit your submitted recommendation.  Edits will be allowed until the November 29, 2012 deadline.  You can re-open your application by making a change to any field in the application.If you re-open and make edits to an already submitted recommendation, you will need to click the Submit button again to save any changes you made.  Edits will not be accepted after 4:00 p.m. on November 29th. Please note, your recommendation will have a status of “in progress” until you click the Submit button again

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If you have questions about the Daniels Scholarship or need help with the application process, please contact the Daniels Fund at 1-877-441-3139 (toll free) or 303-393-7220 (main).

Thank you, and all the best to you during the 2012-2013 Daniels Scholarship selection process.



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