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Colorado School Grades

Information is power, and Colorado School Grades gives parents the information they need...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Monday, December 12 a new online tool called Colorado School Grades was introduced that helps parents, students, educators and community members better understand how their local schools are performing.

Information is power, and Colorado School Grades gives parents the information they need to get involved in local school improvement efforts and make better school-choice decisions.

Colorado School Grades is the simplest and clearest representation of how schools truly are performing – both good and bad. And it represents a quantum leap forward from Colorado’s current system that lumps 60 percent of schools into the highest “top performer” category. Now, parents can know whether their local school is in the top 10 percent or the top 50 percent – a distinction lost in the current system.

Colorado School Grades worked with the Center for Education Policy Analysis at the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver, to develop an accurate, fair and easy-to-understand letter grade for every Colorado public school.

Colorado School Grades is a community effort led by a coalition of 18 community organizations. Coalition members include: A+ Denver, ACE Scholarships, the Adolph Coors Foundation, The Anschutz Foundation, the Colorado Black Chamber, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition, Colorado Succeeds, The Daniels Fund, Donnell-Kay Foundation, Get Smart Schools, the Independence Institute, Metro Organizations for People (MOP), Morgridge Family Foundation, Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE), Stand for Children, The Urban League of Metropolitan Denver and the Walton Family Foundation. 

These organizations share the common concern for the state of education in Colorado and want to find ways to help engage parents and the community in their local schools.

While many may be surprised by how their local schools are actually performing, we want to stress that our method of grading is both accurate and fair. Our goal is simply to improve education in Colorado by giving parents and the community the best way possible to understand how their local schools are performing.