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The Life & Legacy of Bill Daniels
A Life of Integrity: The Principled Ethics of Bill Daniels
The Daniels Scholarship Program
"I am a Daniels Scholar" Vignettes


 American Entrepreneur: The Cable Television Legacy of Bill Daniels

Bill Daniels was a pioneer in the cable television industry. This video tells the story of Bill's visionary leadership and legendary achievements within the industry that led to his phenomenal success.

Principled Leadership:
Bill Daniels & the Utah Stars

Bill Daniels owned the American Basketball Association's Utah Stars. They won the 1971 ABA Championships during their first year playing in Salt Lake City. But the league was in financial trouble, and by the mid-1970s, the teams were falling in rapid succession. WIth no money to pay his players and creditors, Bill Daniels' franchise was forced into bankruptcy. The story of what happened next will amaze you. Enjoy this new video and see how Bill Daniels turned defeat into something that outlasts any winning season.

  |  The Life & Legacy of Bill Daniels

This short film was created as a companion to the book, The Life & Legacy of Bill Daniels (available for free download by clicking here).  After watching, you will know more about Bill's remarkable life and his legacy of generosity.

▸  A Life of Integrity: The Principled Ethics of Bill Daniels

Bill Daniels lived his life according to a code of personal principle-based ethics. This video illustrates just some of the extraordinary reasons Bill Daniels' name is synonymous with ethics and integrity, and provides an introduction to the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative.

  |  Daniels Scholarship Program

An introduction to the Daniels Scholarship Program and the young people that have been chosen to become Daniels Scholars because of their exceptional character, leadership potential, and desire to give back to their communities.


This 60-second television PSA is one of the tools created by the Daniels Fund to spread awareness of the scholarship, along with how and when to apply online. To learn more or to apply, click here

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We'd like to show you what makes a Daniels Scholar so unique. Once you see what these dynamic young people have done with the opportunities offered by the Daniels Scholarship Program, you will understand what employers and communities already know: Daniels Scholars really are something special.

Gary Stecklein

Gabriela Arias

Derek Patton

Renae Bruning

Anh Tu Chacon

Nubia Madrid

Marlon Peoples

Sally Ho

Dominick Moreno

John Bales