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November 4, 2014

Four Good Samaritans Honored as
Bill Daniels Neighborhood Heroes

Denver Police Department and Daniels Fund express gratitude

DENVER – Four men were recognized for their heroic efforts that saved others who were in a harmful or potentially dangerous situation. Identified by the Denver Police Department as courageous citizens who went above and beyond, these men were presented with the Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Awards. The presentation took place at Denver Police Headquarters with Chief Robert White and Daniels Fund CEO Linda Childears.

The first incident involved a suspect in a stolen car who caused an accident and was trying to escape by carjacking passing cars. As he pulled an elderly driver out of his car, an off-duty security guard on his way to work stopped to assist, tackling the suspect and using his handcuffs to contain the suspect until police arrived.

The second incident involved a female officer who approached a suspicious male, who then turned and started violently attacking her. Two cars of good Samaritans stopped to help the officer just as the suspect was grappling for the officer’s gun. The three citizens assisted in holding down the suspect, allowing the injured officer to handcuff him.

All four citizens were recognized with a Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award in the form of a thank you check from the Daniels Fund. The Denver Police Department honored the security guard with a Police Commendation, and the men who assisted the Officer with a Life Saving Award.

The Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award reflects the gratitude that Bill Daniels had for those who went above and beyond the call of duty. He had utmost respect for those who placed their lives on the line in service to others, as well as for citizens who performed selfless acts to help others. Mr. Daniels maintained lasting friendships with police officers throughout his lifetime. In 2009, as specified by Mr. Daniels in his estate, the Daniels Fund provided a multi-million dollar grant to construct the Jerry Kennedy Police Activity League Headquarters.

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