Illustrating the Daniels Fund's impact in the communities we serve

Riata Little

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

College Attended:
University of Wyoming
Agriculture Communications
Scholarship Year:
How the Daniels Fund Scholarship has impacted my life:

Please describe what it means to you to be a Daniels Scholar:   To be someone who has the determination to succeed and desire to be a good, honest person.

What do you like most about being in college?    I like that my daily schedule is my own and that I am able to take classes that I either am interested in or I can use in the future, or both.

What has been the greatest challenge so far in college?    The greatest challenge for me has been just adjusting to each teacher's style of teaching and testing.  I know how I learn best and what tests I do the best at, but at times the adjusting to those different styles is difficult.

What advice would you offer someone who is applying to become a Daniels Scholar?   Just be yourself and know what you want from life (not necessarily what you want to do but what you want to make of your life).