Illustrating the Daniels Fund's impact in the communities we serve

Inacia DaCunha Neto

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

College Attended:
Colorado Christian University
Youth Ministry
Scholarship Year:
How the Daniels Fund Scholarship has impacted my life:

Please describe what it means to you to be a Daniels Scholar:   To be equipped with the necessary tools and resources that allow you to pursue your goals and dreams in order to give back to the next generation.

What are you doing now?   I am a Teacher-Mentor for Colorado UpLift

What advice would you offer someone who is applying to become a Daniels Scholar?   Give everything that you do your 100% effort.  Be open-minded and step out of your comfort box.  Remember that you set the stage for the up and coming generation; show them that regardless of where you come from, what your economic status is, or what your race is; as long as you believe in yourself and have the determination to achieve your dreams, then you can do all things.

What are your hopes for your future?   To continue to build youth up through teaching and mentoring so that they are able to succeed in all areas of their lives, and in turn do that for someone else.