Illustrating the Daniels Fund's impact in the communities we serve

Caitlyn Darnell

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

College Attended:
The College of William and Mary
Religious Studies
Scholarship Year:
How the Daniels Fund Scholarship has impacted my life:

Please describe what it means to you to be a Daniels Scholar:    A Daniels Scholar is a person who is honest in all their life's ventures. This honestly is not just in what you say but in all of your actions. Daniels Scholars are people who want to give back to a world that has given so much to them, without being required to do so. We are the best and brightest in the purest sense. Our integrity illuminates everything we do. It truly is a great honor to be a Daniels Scholar. We are a big happy family.

What do you like most about being in college?   I like the freedom to make my own decisions and being able to manage my time more so than in high school. I love getting to meet and become friends with so many diverse people, and learning about different cultures and lifestyles from outside the class room. College affords a person so many great opportunities and I love being able to enjoy all of them. I also really like the history that my university has to offer; it has truly made it a unique and fantastic experience. By far the best part is yet to come: studying subject matter that truly interests me.

What has been the greatest challenge so far in college?    The greatest challenge has been finding the time to exercise and learning how to eat healthy. College is about learning to become an even better version of yourself, and for me the next step was to begin nourishing my body as much as I have my mind.

What advice would you offer someone who is applying to become a Daniels Scholar?    The best thing you can do in applying for a Daniels Scholarship is to let the true and honest you shine through. That's the person that they want to get to know. Bill Daniels was a man of astonishing honesty and integrity, something that seems rare in today's business world. As a Daniels scholar, they are looking for someone who can emulate that and represent the organization and everything that Bill Daniels stood for in the best way across the country. Let that person in you radiate through your application and interview.