Illustrating the Daniels Fund's impact in the communities we serve

Brandon Zinn

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

College Attended:
Trinity College
Philosophy and Political Science
Scholarship Year:
How the Daniels Fund Scholarship has impacted my life:

Please describe what it means to you to be a Daniels Scholar:  It means everything.  It means the difference between being able to pursue an education for a lifetime and being stuck in the same cycle.

What do you like most about being in college?   I love the freedom and responsibility that comes with it, all of my decisions are up to me but I bear the consequences and rewards of those decisions.

What has been the greatest challenge so far in college?   The biggest challenge for me has been time management.  I have a lot more free time so I have to be aware of where and how I spend it.

What advice would you offer someone who is applying to become a Daniels Scholar?   Be yourself.  Don't try and put on a facade of what you think they would want you to say; rather, just be honest and let them see who you are.