Illustrating the Daniels Fund's impact in the communities we serve

Ashley Lopez

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

College Attended:
Mount Holyoke College
Double Major in Politics and Religion
Scholarship Year:
How the Daniels Fund Scholarship has impacted my life:

Please describe what it means to you to be a Daniels Scholar:   Being a Daniels Scholar means having been recognized for many different types of achievements, for overcoming difficult struggles and for proving that I can and will be a successful, contributing member of society. Along with that recognition, being a scholar also means having a responsibility to myself, to the organization and to society that I will act at all times with courtesy, accountability, dignity and respect, and that I will work for the betterment of society.

What do you like most about being in college?   I love the many different kinds of freedom: freedom to choose my academic load, to choose my social life, and to choose what I will do and where I will go after college. College is a wonderful transition between living at home and entering the real world; it is like being on one's own without being completely alone. And it is FUN!

What has been the greatest challenge so far in college?   For me, adjusting to the difficulty of the academic load and also adjusting to living across the country.

What advice would you offer someone who is applying to become a Daniels Scholar?   While your grades and activities are an important part of the process, you must always remember that who you are and the most important elements of your character will be what truly brings you to success. Highlight them, showcase them, and be proud of them. Our greatest strengths are the things that set us apart, and if are able to really reveal who you are and what you can bring to the table, the Daniels Fund will see that.