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Women's Bean Project

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

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General Operating Support
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Homeless And Disadvantaged
Grant Impact Area:
Transitional Housing with Supportive Services
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Grant purpose:  To provide support for the Women’s Bean Project’s on-site client employment and training.  

How this organization is helping make lives better:  The Women’s Bean Project operates a social enterprise producing gourmet soups and other food to support its goal of breaking the poverty cycle for its participants.  Of the 50 women per year it serves, 60% are single mothers, 80% have been on public assistance, 70% have felonies, and 80% are women of color.  The organization’s goals for these women are to meet basic needs and remove barriers to employment, develop life skills that enhance a woman’s ability to govern her own life, teach fundamental job readiness skills required by employers, and place program graduates in career entry-level jobs.  The Women’s Bean Project has a six-month, three-phase, employment program that provides on-site employment, on and off-site training opportunities, and assistance with resumes and interview skills for the women involved.  70 percent of the women that go through the program will be placed in entry-level jobs, internships, or vocational training in their chosen field. 

Story of a life made better:  Latoya, from the Women’s Bean Project,  reflected on her time at the Women’s Bean Project by saying, “What I have learned in the time I have been at the Women’s Bean Project, is that you can always start over and be accepted regardless of your past. I’ve overcome the barriers to unemployment. I now have a means to provide for my two sons and am motivated to accomplish much more. I am learning the skills of being able to work effectively and communicate with others. I am learning to express myself and recognize how I behave affects my work as well as my life. I want to own my own business someday, and the Women’s Bean Project is acting as a bridge to help me reach my goals as I accomplish the steps I need to get there and be successful.”

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Women's Bean Project
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