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The Road Home

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

Grant Profile:
Shelter Program
Grant Funding Area:
Homeless And Disadvantaged
Grant Impact Area:
Emergency Services
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Grant purpose:  To support the Shelter Program, which provides up to 90 days of emergency shelter, food, and clothing to homeless individuals.    

How this organization is helping make lives better:   The Road Home provides support and shelter for overcoming homelessness.  It offers a wide variety of programs that provide services to homeless people, one of which is the Shelter Program.  The Shelter Program provides 90 days of emergency shelter, food, clothing, and basic services to those in need.  The Program also provides resources and referrals to assist with transportation, state IDs, and birth certificates.  On any given night the Road Home provides shelter for 600 people, gives emergency assistance to 150, and case manages 330 households in the community.     

Story of a life made better:  Sara came to The Road Home seeking shelter and a new beginning.  When she arrived she was unemployed and unable to work because she did not have any identification.  Case managers in The Road Home’s Central Intake and Assistance Office gave her a bed in the Emergency Shelter and began the process of obtaining identification.  The first step was to help her obtain her birth certificate.  Sara, however, was from New York.  In New York a person must have proof of identification to get a copy of a birth certificate.  In Utah, a person must have a birth certificate to get proof of identification.  The Road Home’s case managers were up to the challenge, and over the next few weeks they found out that Sara had come from a group home.  A case manager contacted the home, which provided sufficient identification to order a new birth certificate.  Once the birth certificate arrived Sara was able to obtain Utah identification and a job and is working hard to get back on her feet.  She is still staying in the shelter, but has transitioned to the Women’s Self Sufficiency program. 

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The Road Home
210 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT   
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