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West Denver Preparatory Charter School

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

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Performance Pay Program
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Reform / School Choice
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Grant purpose:  To support West Denver Preparatory Charter School’s Pay for Performance program, which incentivizes and rewards teachers for outstanding teaching results.   

How this organization is helping make lives better:  West Denver Preparatory Charter School (WDP) is a public, charter middle school that serves a predominantly low income, minority student population.  Through the hard work of its teachers and students, it has produced outstanding results and is the highest performing middle school in the state.  To help ensure it maintains high quality teachers, WDP has instituted a Pay for Performance program, through which teachers obtaining excellent results from their students are eligible for bonuses.  By retaining and rewarding its high performing teachers, WDP will be able to continue providing an excellent education to its students. 

Story of a life made better

By Jazmin Nieto, founding student and graduate, now attending Kent Denver School on a full scholarship

Opportunity – something West Denver Prep gave me.

West Denver Prep – something my family and I are very grateful for.

Starting at West Denver Prep was really hard for me. Well, I’m pretty sure it was really tough for all of my class. Being the first generation was a big risk for all the families. Orientation day came, and they explained all the rules and everything they had planned. You could already tell they had big expectations for us. 

I heard of things I had never heard about, like progymnasmata, RAP tests, homework-center, and school paychecks!  In 7th grade, I got my first detention, and I was so disappointed but I knew it was a fair consequence and that helped me see that my teachers cared.  Dr. Levy’s lessons always made me laugh, and reminded me to have humor. We were a small group and we bonded and all became friends. Actually, I would say that we became a family.

I know I had a better opportunity than most of my friends by getting to attend West Denver Prep.  Some ridiculed me about how much homework I had, but over time that didn’t matter to me because I knew I was learning so much.  I learned how to challenge myself.  I used to be really shy and I gained the confidence to be myself.  I love math now and I’m good at it.  I want to do something big with my life, and I know I have people to go to for support, that I have people who will help me.

Our high school placement class helped me know how to apply to high schools. I got accepted to both of my top choices. I was trying to decide which to go to and my uncle said, “Jazmin, four years from now, we’ll be back in this same room talking about where you got accepted to college and you’ll be deciding between Harvard and Yale.”  That made me really happy and excited for the future. I dream of attending a top school and becoming a pediatrician or a surgeon.  I want to help people.

I remember entering West Denver Prep as a scared little sixth grader and leaving as a proud and confident freshman. Now I know what STRIVE for College really means! 

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