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University of Denver

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

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Denver Bridge Project
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Youth Development
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Academic & Supplemental Services
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Grant purpose:  To support Denver University’s Bridge Project, which provides community outreach and educational programming to children in four Denver public housing neighborhoods. 

How this organization is helping make lives better:  Denver University’s Graduate School of Social Work operates the Bridge Project, a community outreach program.  The Bridge Project provides education and social growth opportunities to low-income children living in four of Denver’s public housing neighborhoods.  It has four programs that provide over 500 youth annually with computer training, reading classes, one-to-one tutoring, mentoring, technology training, scouting and outdoor experiences, community and social leadership education, and financial assistance for college or trade schools.  It is the only program delivering consistent, structured, and education-focused programming within the four public housing neighborhoods it serves.    

Story of a life made better:  Uyen is a 2nd grade student at the Columbine Bridge Project.  Uyen loves Bridge and looks forward to seeing her tutor Susan every Tuesday.   Uyen also loves people and, as a 2nd grader, she already nurtures those around her and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Through the Bridge Project, Uyen has made invaluable relationships with her peers and caring adults who will help guide her along her way.    

Uyen’s favorite part of Bridge is tutoring with her tutor Susan.  Uyen and Susan meet for one hour per week to work on building academic skills through homework, educational games, and other skill building activities.  However, the most important part is the positive relationship that they have built over the last three years. 

As an eight year old, Uyen knows the value of a positive relationship.  When Uyen grows up, she hopes to be a firefighter so that she can help people.  

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