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Educate New Mexico

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

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Reform / School Choice
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Grant purpose:  To provide scholarships for up to 300 students to attend the K-12 school of their choice in 2009-10.

How this organization is helping make lives better:  Educate New Mexico provides scholarships to low income families to allow their children to attend the private school of their choice.  It also seeks to encourage parental involvement and educate parents concerning their role as the primary educator of their children.  Educate New Mexico typically awards over 500 scholarships each year.  

Story of a life made better: 

Rayanna Quintana has been a scholarship recipient of Educate New Mexico for the last 3 years. Rayanna, who was born deaf, has been able to attend school at the Presbyterian Ear Institute because of the scholarship.  Christine Padilla, Rayanna’s grandmother and legal guardian, drives her 210 miles roundtrip each day to school because there is only one oral school in New Mexico, the Presbyterian Ear Institute. Christine says, “without this school Rayanna would have never been able to hear or talk… when Rayanna could not hear I felt like I was dying inside with no way to help her!”

Due to Rayanna’s deafness it was decided that she needed cochlear ear implants. On October 13, 2004, Rayanna received a cochlear implant in her right ear and then on June 21, 2006 she received an implant in her left ear. Rayanna needed the help of the Presbyterian Ear Institute to help her learn to hear and speak. Christine says, “what the Presbyterian Ear Institute has accomplished is beyond a miracle!” Rayanna is doing well and she talks all the time. Through the help of Educate New Mexico, Rayanna will be graduating from Presbyterian Ear Institute in May 2010. Rayanna will be able to attend any school because of the education received at Presbyterian Ear Institute.

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