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YouthBiz, Incorporated

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General Operating Support
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Youth Development
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Career & Technical Education
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Grant purpose:  To support the YouthBiz afterschool and summer programs which teach academic, business, and leadership skills to youth.

How this organization is helping make lives better:  YouthBiz uses a three-tier program to empower at-risk urban youth with the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed to overcome life’s challenges and make the most of life’s opportunities.  Tier 1 focuses on fundamental job readiness and social skills, such as basic business practices, interview techniques, public speaking, and leadership skills.  The second tier seeks to develop entrepreneurial skills and focuses on financial literacy, understanding credit, banking and loans, and managing a business.  Tier 3 allows youth to explore careers of interest, apply basic skills learned in real-world settings, develop specialized leadership skills and prepare for life beyond high-school.     

Story of a life made betterJesus, 13 years-oldAfter hearing from older siblings that YouthBiz programs were a great way to meet new people, earn money and learn while having fun, Jesus decided to apply to YouthBiz.  Jesus loves how he gets to “learn through real, hands-on activities.”  He also commented, “My older brother is really smart, and he didn’t even know the words we were learning on our vocab tests. So I am going to be up on it.”

Though only thirteen years old, Jesus received the Tier II Business Award for the 2008 Spring Session.  Jesus now works as a crew leader teaching Tier I classes.  “Being a leader is important because when you are a leader, you get to teach others important things and about your own experience,” noted Jesus.

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YouthBiz, Incorporated
3280 Downing Street Suite C
Denver, CO   80205
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