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Naturally Occurring Retirement Community Blueprint Project
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In-Home Services
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Grant purpose:  To support the final phase of the Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) Blueprint project, which provides tools and guidance to planners, managers, funders, and policymakers in developing effective, high-quality supportive service programs for naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs) where seniors are aging in place.

How this organization is helping make lives better:  The United Hospital Fund is a national leader in aging in place initiatives like the NORC program.  “NORC” refers to a housing development, neighborhood, or geographic area not originally built for seniors that over time becomes home to a large concentration of seniors. In 1986, the first NORC program was created by one of the Hospital Fund’s directors.  Since then, the number of such programs across the country has grown to more than 80 in 25 states. These programs have proven to be invaluable in helping seniors stay in the homes and communities where they have long resided, which they prefer to do.

The NORC Blueprint was developed to help other agencies nationwide in establishing a local NORC program.  With a focus on the development of effective health and social service programs, the Blueprint defines guiding principles, identifies elements of successful NORC programs, presents practical program development and management tools, and takes a broad look at program financing. 

Story of a life made better:  Edith, 80, moved to Crestmoor Downs in Denver, Colorado a few months after losing her husband of 57 years. The house they had shared for almost four decades had become too much responsibility, and his absence was too acute.  Edith quickly became an involved volunteer and while she values all the activities, there is something more about the place that has allowed her to build a new life. “It is a feeling of friendliness,” she said. “It is the companionship, it is not being lonely.”  Amidst the losses that accompany aging, says Edith, “it is the warmth of knowing there is an ever-increasing circle of new people to meet.” 

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