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Step 13

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Capital Campaign
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Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
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Grant purpose:  To help Step13 purchase an apartment building and an adjacent warehouse that were previously leased by Step13.

How this organization is helping make lives better:   Step13 helps homeless substance abusers positively change their lives.  Step13 operates an apartment complex where participants in the program reside.  Step13’s program is based on accountability - residents can stay as long as they need to provided they get a job, pay a rental fee, attend three support meetings per week, take computer classes, buy their own food, and clean up after themselves.  Step13 has a high success rate of 39% with a population that is difficult to help. 

Step13 also operates an auto detail and refurbishing business located next to the apartment complex that employs residents and generates revenue for the organization. 

The 2 buildings were previously leased by the organization and with the help of this grant were purchased in 2007 with Step13 remaining debt free.  Revenue from the auto detailing business helps support the overhead of the treatment program and generate profit, ultimately helping increase the organization’s sustainability.

Impact story:

By Anonymous

“Look at me! I can't believe it! I'm sober, I'm working, I'm paying the rent on my own home and I'm a dad again.  That might not sound like much to you, but it's a big change for me. I'm 45 years old and I've been though hell. Some of it was just bad breaks, but a lot of it I caused myself.

A little over ten years ago I started drinking. Drinking a lot. When you're drunk, you don't make smart decisions. I got 4 DUIs before I realized I had a problem and put myself into a treatment center. That sobered me up and I continued with AA for another two years. All-in-all, I managed to stay sober for 8 years. But what they say is true: when you're an alcoholic, you're always an alcoholic and all that time I was just a drink away from being a drunk again.

I took that drink after my wife found another man and divorced me. It was a big blow and I just wanted to run away from everything. Since I'm an alcoholic, I ran down a dead end alley. It wasn't long before I was drinking day and night. And it wasn't long before I got another DUI. That's 5 if you're counting.

It's a funny thing being drunk. You feel sorry for yourself and you want a lot of pity. And what's really odd is that you can get a lot of pity, but pity wasn't helping me much. I needed a big change.

I put myself in treatment again, then headed for Step13. At Step13 you don't get a lot of pity, you get a good dose of reality. If you want to stay there you have to stay sober, get a job and pay your own way. It was just what I needed. And it paid off.

That's why I'm so amazed now. Being sober and working, having my own home has allowed me to rebuild my relationship with my two boys. They're 4 and 10 and they're as glad to have me back as I am to have them back.   Thanks Step13, thanks Bob for making me a responsible person again.

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