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Amateur Sports

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded


If you didn't mow the lawn, you didn't get your allowance.
          You told a lie and got grounded for a week.
 If you weren't a team player, you sat on the bench.

It's called discipline.

         And it's not only a part of growing up.
It's an important part of your entire life.


Bill Daniels’ motivation

Bill Daniels’ selection of Amateur Sports as a funding area demonstrates his belief that participation in sports can help change the direction of a person’s life. As a young man, he played basketball and football, and was a two-time Golden Gloves New Mexico state boxing champion.
As part of a tribute to a coach that had a significant impact on his life Bill wrote, “the principles he embedded in me have contributed in a large respect to the success I have had.”

Our goals in this funding area

Bill wanted young people to have access to quality coaches and sports programs that teach them important traits and build character. The Daniels Fund carries out his wishes by supporting organizations that provide quality youth sports programs. In addition, we support national and international amateur sports competition.

Amateur Sports

Goal: Expand opportunities in quality youth sports programs that foster sportsmanship, confidence, discipline, and teamwork. Expand opportunities for national and international amateur sports competition.

Motivation: Bill had a lifelong passion for sports. He knew from personal experience that participation in sports and access to quality coaches help to develop discipline, confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

Youth Sports


  • Community-based youth sports programs
  • After-school sports programs
  • Quality coaching/training


  • Pipelines to national and international competition
  • National and international competition


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