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K-12 Education Reform

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded


                                 “Education needs to be relevant.
Schools must provide knowledge and expertise that will help
              prepare young people to be successful in life.


Bill Daniels’ motivation

Bill Daniels was consistent in his position that all kids deserve a great education. His confidence in the free enterprise system made him a firm believer that competition and alternative approaches would deliver both improvements in education and higher-quality choices.

Our goals in this funding area

The Daniels Fund honors Bill's direction through our support of K-12 Education Reform initiatives such as charter schools, portable vouchers for tuition assistance, and significant innovations that challenge the status quo. 

K-12 Education Reform

Goal: Improve the quality of the K-12 education system to ensure increased student achievement.

Motivation: Bill felt strongly that every student deserves a quality education that is relevant and applicable to the workplace. He believed in the power of competition and alternative approaches to achieve reform, and offer families quality educational choices.

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

School Choice


Leadership Quality

  • Charter schools
    • Charter schools
    • Charter conversions
    • Replication of high-performing charter schools
    • Pre-school programs
  • Tuition assistance programs (portable vouchers)
  • Challenges to the status quo
    • Teacher tenure, evaluation, and compensation reform
    • Significant reforms that challenge barriers to quality


  • Education and resources
  • Parental advocacy for high quality schools and/or school choice
  • Community engagement

  • Innovative teacher/leadership pipelines for charter schools