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Ethics & Integrity in Education

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

I'm hopeful that my investment in ethics education will bear fruit in the decades ahead, so that young people don't just look
       toward personal gain as their chief objective.


Bill Daniels’ motivation

Bill Daniels considered his reputation for ethics and integrity to be his most valuable asset. He always based his decisions on what he believed was right, not what he thought was best for him or his company. This attitude and way of doing business earned him incredible respect and loyalty throughout his life.
As a reflection of this, Bill included Ethics & Integrity in Education as a funding area for the Daniels Fund.

Our goals in this funding area

For K-12 students, we support programs that foster principle-based ethics.
To address higher education, the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative was established in 2010 in partnership with business schools at eight select universities throughout our four-state region. The Ethics Initiative drives and strengthens principle-based ethics instruction to help students build an ethical framework for decision making, personal action, and leadership. The eight universities are members of the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium, sharing resources and collaborating to leverage the impact of the Ethics Initiative across their campuses and into the community.

Ethics & Integrity in Education

Goal: Improve the quality of ethics curriculum to foster principle-based leadership.

Motivation: Bill believed that principle-based ethics, values, and personal responsibility are essential elements for achieving success in life, and he sought ways to instill these principles in young people. 

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

K-12 Education

MBA/Business Ethics Programs

  • Daniels Fund High School Ethics Initiative
  • Principle-based ethics programming for youth

  • Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative
  • Principle-based business ethics curriculum and materials


Robert J. Spitzer
Founder, Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership
An Introduction to Principle-Based Ethics