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Early Childhood Education

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

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“Quality education for all should be our goal.”

Our goal in this funding area

Improve the quality of the early childhood education system to ensure school readiness.

PLEASE NOTE: For early childhood education centers, the Daniels Fund focuses its support on quality improvements, and does not make grants for general operating support or tuition assistance. It may be helpful to speak to a Grants Program Officer before starting the grant application process.

Bill Daniels’ motivation

Bill cared deeply about children and their education, and he saw the need for early childhood experiences that provide a healthy, safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded
Teacher/Leadership Quality Facility Quality Parental Involvement
  • Preparation and training
  • Accountability
  • Curriculum and materials
  • Capital construction and improvement
  • Information and resources
  • Outreach and education