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Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

My greatest hero was my mother.
She was the loveliest person I ever knew.
             I absolutely adored her.


Bill Daniels’ motivation

For Bill, directing his foundation to provide support in the area of Aging made perfect sense. He was devoted to his mother, Adele — who lived to be 94 — and he took great joy in providing her with support, comfort, and encouragement.

Bill had a special place in his heart for his older family and friends, and in his own later years, he personally experienced the challenges of maintaining his independence and quality of life. 

Our goals in this funding area

Bill wanted to help seniors maintain personal dignity, remain independent, and be respected. The Daniels Fund supports organizations that share this vision and recognize the exceptional value of older adults to the community.



Goal: Assist older adults in achieving maximum independence and quality of life.

Motivation: Bill Daniels’ personal concern for those in their later years stems from his experience helping his mother, Adele, fulfill her wish to maintain her independence. As Bill aged, he gained additional insight from his personal experiences.

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded



End of Life /
Palliative Care

  • In-home services/visitation
  • Meal delivery/food preparation
  • Home maintenance and modification
  • Transportation
  • Family/caregiver training and support
  • Respite care


  • Intergenerational programs
  • Senior volunteer programs
  • Enrichment activities
  • Wellness programs

  • Hospice
  • Family counseling

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