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Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

“I enjoy giving people a second chance. And if you did not know,
                      I am a recovering alcoholic, so I know a little about that.”


Bill Daniels’ motivation

Those words, written by Bill Daniels in a letter to a friend, help to illustrate his personal motivation for identifying Alcoholism & Substance Abuse as one of our grant funding areas.

Bill credited his treatment at the Betty Ford Center in 1985 with saving his life. In the years that followed, he covered the costs of treatment for many of the friends and colleagues he convinced to seek help for drug or alcohol addiction. At times, Bill would make donations to recovery programs in the names of friends or family in lieu of more traditional gifts.

Who do we fund in this area?

The Daniels Fund provides funding to nonprofit organizations that assist youth and adults with alcohol and substance abuse challenges to achieve and maintain stability in their lives through prevention, treatment, or supportive/after-care services. 


Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Goal: Assist youth and adults with alcohol and substance abuse challenges in achieving and maintaining stability.

Motivation: Bill suffered from alcoholism and ultimately recovered after seeking treatment. This struggle had a profound effect on him and led him to help many others facing similar challenges.

Focus Areas & Types of Programs Funded

(emphasis on youth)


Supportive / After-Care

  • Outreach and education
  • Information and resources

  • Early identification and intervention
  • Outpatient and residential services
    • Access/
    • Capacity/


  • Case management
  • Sober living
  • Life skills
  • Support groups
  • Children’s programs

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