Ethics Initiative

A partnership to strengthen principle-based ethics education and foster a high standard of ethics in young people.

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

Ethics: The ultimate business advantage

Bill DanielsBill Daniels said integrity and unwavering ethical behavior provide "the ultimate business advantage."

The name “Bill Daniels” is synonymous with the highest ethical standards. Bill believed wholeheartedly in the importance of absolute ethical principles. As an honest and fair businessman, he based his decisions on what he believed to be right — not what was convenient or most profitable. This attitude and method of conducting business earned him legendary respect and loyalty throughout the business world.

Reflecting our founder Bill Daniels' personal commitment to ethics and integrity, the Daniels Fund established the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative in 2010. The Ethics Initiative seeks to strengthen the teaching of principle-based ethics to foster a high standard of ethics in students, and ultimately, beyond the campus and into the community.

The Ethics Initiative is a partnership with eight business schools in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Each of these schools has executive leadership that makes ethics a high priority and has committed to implementing the Ethics Initiative in a manner that honors Bill Daniels' reputation of integrity.

Bill Daniels


The primary objective of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative is active engagement of students — not research or publishing — that builds a solid principle-based ethical framework central to decision-making in a complex business environment. Drawing from the examples of Bill Daniels' life, ethics instruction will convey that principles are a constant foundation, not relative to a specific situation, and that doing what’s right prevails over self interest on occasions when the two may appear to collide.

The Ethics Initiative works to integrate ethics instruction throughout the curriculum that includes real-world practical applications, provides exposure to business practitioners, and maintains relevance to the ever-changing business environment.

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative is anchored in the business school at each partner university. Each university is responsible for designing and implementing the Ethics Initiative on their campus to advance these defined objectives:

Download the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles (2.6MB)


Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium

Each participating university is a member of the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium. The Consortium leverages the achievements of the individual business schools through collaboration to further strengthen the overall impact of the Ethics Initiative. Members share expertise and resources such as curriculum, case studies, instructional approaches, and co-curricular activities.

During the 5-year Ethics Initiative pilot, the Daniels Fund is not accepting proposals for additional university participants.

A Life of Integrity: The Principled Ethics of Bill Daniels

The video below illustrates how Bill Daniels lived a life guided by principle-based ethics, and provides information about the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative.