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MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014  |  6:55 PM
Young people of exceptional character __ Daniels Scholars

Exceptional character and hard work pay off. 

Some Denver students were surprised to learn
during a Denver Nuggets game 
that they were 
among the 260 chosen as new Daniels Scholars.

Photo credit: Garrett Ellwood/Denver Nuggets

Ask any of the 260 newly named Daniels Scholars. They were selected because they embody character, leadership, and a commitment to community service — traits Bill Daniels identified as hallmarks of the scholarship program. When we announced the new class of Daniels Scholars, they were excited and proud. They told us they’re incredibly honored. They said it is literally life changing. They thanked us for believing in them. What the new Daniels Scholars don’t realize is that it’s almost as exciting for us as it is for them!

But the selection process is difficult work. This year’s pool of 2,571 applicants was carefully narrowed to 549 semi-finalists who all underwent interviews. With semi-finalists spread across the four states we serve, interviews were conducted in 20 cities over 25 days. 

We can’t do this alone, so we invite leaders from each community to volunteer a full day to interview potential Daniels Scholars. This year we had 245 interviewers — top executives from business, educational institutions, nonprofits, and other fields. They bring tremendous insight and wisdom to our selection process. Interviewing is a challenging and emotion-charged day, yet these incredible volunteers thank us for the privilege of participating. 

At the close of the day, one interviewer commented, “The word ‘humbling’ comes to mind, and it was an honor to be part of this.” Another remarked how inspirational it was to meet so many great kids working hard towards a brighter future for themselves and their families. The recurring theme from many interviewers was that these students give them hope for the future of our country. 

I couldn’t agree more. 

Linda Childears
President and CEO


SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 2014  |  6:35 PM
Our Board of Directors
A CEO’s Perspective

As CEO, I place tremendous value on what our skilled board of directors brings to the table. All except one of our current members knew Bill Daniels personally, working beside him as he made his mark in business or changed lives with his philanthropy. Their collective insight about Bill has been tremendously valuable in our work.

Our board members share much in common with Bill. Like him, they are all self-made men and women. Bill admired them for their entrepreneurial values and accomplishments. Several members faced experiences in earlier years that help them understand challenges like poverty or family alcoholism.  

Our board of directors provides decades of experience — community engagement, leadership, portfolio management, regulatory compliance — essential to carrying out our mission. They’re extremely well prepared for board meetings, even with the multiple packets of materials they receive and read thoroughly in advance. Attendance at board and committee meetings is so strong, board members frequently choose to attend meetings for committees they’re not even on! This is a committed and hard working group. I have tremendous respect for this group, and have learned a considerable amount from each of them.

Our board members share another trait — a loyalty to Bill Daniels and dedication to honoring his directions. I find them unwavering in this regard. Having these people on our board through the early years of the Daniels Fund’s development has been essential to establishing this foundation as Bill Daniels envisioned it.

Linda Childears
President and CEO


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