Daniels Fund

Honoring Bill Daniels' direction to make life better for the people
and communities of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

A Message from Linda Childears

President & CEO of the Daniels Fund

“We have
been fortunate to encounter people
and organizations with seemingly
endless capacity to make a difference for people in their communities.”

Linda Childears 
President & CEO

Dear Friends,

Compassion and dedication take many forms. Throughout the history of the Daniels Fund, we have been fortunate to encounter people and organizations with seemingly endless capacity to make a difference for people in their communities. Many organizations we work with have histories of helping others that span decades, or even longer.

It was with the future in mind, however, that those of us who knew Bill Daniels were concerned that, without deliberate action at this point in the Daniels Fund’s existence, future members of the board and staff might know far too little about our founder and what motivated his direction to the Daniels Fund.

As we build awareness of the Daniels Fund brand, our goal is to reflect our founder’s compassion, ethics, and integrity in all that we do. An entrepreneurial spirit drives us to make the most of his extraordinary legacy.

For example, we produced The Life & Legacy of Bill Daniels, a large format book that tells the definitive story of Bill’s life, with a clear account of his reasons for directing support to each of our funding areas. A high quality video was produced to accompany the book.

To help our Daniels Scholars embrace the values Bill knew were essential for success in life, we created the Daniels Scholarship Enrichment Program, a series of video modules presented by leaders from across our four-state region, covering topics such as ethics, good manners, treating others properly, leadership, patriotism, and many others.

We are preparing to hold our annual Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Case Competition in April. This competition exposes undergraduate business students attending member universities from our Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative to a thought-provoking business ethics case. Student teams collaboratively analyze, present, and respond to questions posed by a judging panel comprised of accomplished leaders.

These are but a few examples. Even more impressive are the nonprofit organizations we are so proud to support, and the innovative ways they help those in need and strengthen our communities. Working with outstanding people and organizations across our four-state region makes every day a genuine pleasure for me, and all of us here at the Daniels Fund.


Linda Childears
President & CEO

Linda Childears was named "Outstanding Professional in Philanthropy" as part of 2010 National Philanthropy Day in Colorado.
Her video profile from that event is below.